19.07.2013 : the cover page of our zine L’ATTAQUE! Vol. VI published in May 2013. This edition was about mental health and social anxiety.

12.06.2013 : official poster for the Folk Sale Fabulous International Festival! Graphics/Text by Philippe Ouellet.

29.05.2013: Our work coop launching / benefit event. It represents what we produce, mostly. Posters 10$ and T-shirts (only the drawing, no info) 20$ plus taxes.

21.05.2013 : The cover page of L’INJECTEUR magazine vol.8/no.2 on the subject of media. L’injecteur is a French journal “by and for” UDII people of Quebec.

25.03.2013 : An image accompanying a text about the superior education summit for the next issue of À Babord. What I believe is coming out of it: Mrs. Marois who “solved” the social crisis while leaving every one disappointed.  It was a big show for not much, in the end.

18.02.2013 : official design for the next BAD UNCLE t-shirt. The image is also used for their next tour poster.

04.02.2013 : The next  anti-police brutality protest poster, march 15. Douche + Police + Fascist = Total Violent Shit Fusion! I don’t know if it’s really wise to associate my name with this picture, but given the high probability of being already filed, they would have made the link anyway… click on the image for a printable version 11x17!

29.01.2013: An illustration for the next À BABORD number, with a text by Hubert Sabino and Denys Desjardins, denouncing budget cuts by Stephen Harper’s conservative government. In March 2012, conservative cuts 191 million $ to the Canadian Heritage Ministry, ending many cultural programs and organisms, like the Canadian Conference of the Arts, who worked for over 67 years to the durable growth of arts and to the artistic expression in Canada.

22.01.2013 : An illustration for a text by Normand Baillargeon in the next edition of the À BABORD! magazine.  The column is about the growing presence of new technologies in today’s classrooms, without anyone having ever proved their efficiency. Better equipped teachers don’t necessarily make better teachers.

15.01.2013: A collaboration to the comic fanzine, LE BOB. It's a style excercise: draw the strip in your style and write whatever you want!

10.12.2012: cover for the upcomong demo of the new band VARGER, of montreal. Check out their bandcamp to hear them out:

05.12.2012: for the next À BABORD magazine, an illustration about the millitary culture talking more space than ever has the other forms of cultures (arts, to say the least) gets founding cut by the Harper governement.

23.11.2012: the image of the next editorial for the frenche À BABORD magazine, talking about the legalization in politics, the case of Gabriel Nadeau Dubois being a perfect exemple.


15.11.2012: Head piece for the website of the future coop: Coup d'Griffe

09.11.2012: the website's business cards are now out, silkscreen printed in my kitchen in about a thousand copies. the logo is represent a knife stabing a brick; really badass!

02.11.2012: I now have a Facebook profile where I can share my art with the world!