2015.03.12 : A drawing for the À Bâbord magazine paired with a text by authors Jean-Pierre Larche and Nadine Lambert. The text explains how reforms in health and social services open the doors to the private sector.

2015.03.06: The 19th protest against police brutality poster. Always a pleasure to work with the Collectif Opposé à la Brutalité Policière. Be there again this year to denounce police abuse, repression and impunity! A.C.A.B.

2015.01.18: Cover art for the album PARATONNERRE by the one-man-band PHIL MOREAU. It was produced in fall 2014. In concert next Friday at the Labo Bar (facebook). You can also listen to the album on bandcamp.

2014.12.18 : The EP cover for the stoner rock band LAKE ST. JOHN POWER & PAPER CIE. The EP launch will be happening next January 9 at Atomic Café. Check this out here and listen to them here.

13.11.2014 : A t-shirt design for the Valleyfield cowpunk band MORGAN. Made last october. Listen to them here:

15.08.2014: Even Monoc'serge bought one: the Folk Sale Fest t-shirt! Sold out at 150 samples.

26.03.2014 : One out of the illustration for the book Tax Haven: the Canadian division from author Alain Deneault, publish earlier this month by Écosociété.

06.02.2014 : the Robert Fusils et les Chiens Fous’s Logo! Silkscreen printed in 400 copies by coop Coup d’Griffe, soon in backpatch! They are playing tonight at café Touski.

16. 12. 2013 : A little drawing for the cover of facebook page of the zine L’Attaque!  The next issue is due for May 2014.

20.11.2013 : A poster for the POLITESS, THE LAST ROCKERS and AGRO GRIND show next December in Hochelaga. The whole image was done within about 7 hours. The link to the event’s page HERE.

20.09.2013 : An image for the next issue of the À Babord! for a text by François Doyon : Consumed ethics: would the best of the world be on sale? It's about buying biological, local and fair food product. The only thing we are really buying is a clean conscience.

07.08.2013 : The president’s editorial double page in L’ATTAQUE! Vol. VI, a little overview of what the zine is about.

20.07.2013 : A small patch silkscreened by Coup d’Griffe for the band Chahut d’Ruelle. They leave tomorrow for a two week tour, check out their website for dates! and